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New Year resolution: More updates

Hey all, I am the “lead designer / programmer” for Huntsmen and I’ve resolved to keep myself somewhat accountable to the project via updating this blog a lot more regularly, that is to say updating to begin with. We’re going to be keeping whoever is taking notice up to date with development, to foster whatever community we can.

As stated in previous entries, we have had a lot of trouble getting the project up and running. We have had to deal with literal scammers that wasted both our time and money, freelance programmers that took on jobs before deciding to quit in essence without telling us, even modellers that simply disappeared from the face of the internet one day (if you are out there Marc, screw you buddy (unless of course you fell into some extremely bad luck that took you out of commission)) leaving us with many wasted months, dollars and a few dead ends.

Most recently we were able to hire a competent, somewhat reliable programmer – and finally some of our concepts were put into action. After getting a portion of our proposed AI system up and running however, the guy couldn’t handle the workload + felt a little out of his depth so he had to bow out (after lingering a few weeks mind you). Frustrated by the constant failure of these outsourcing attempts, we decided to do what we should have done from the beginning – learn programming, C# and Unity properly so that we can develop this ourselves.

Over the past few weeks we have been modifying and rewriting the basic AI we had outsourced – it was not properly set up to handle multiple targets, plus had some fundamental design flaws in terms of the setup of the script. Currently we have an NPC able to walk around a Navmesh with pathfinding (standard shit) working off a system of personal statistics and a few reactions based on the nature of the target it is perceiving. There are some woes with prioritising which target to move to and when, which is leading to all kinds of headaches and infinite loops of moving to and from. We’re hoping to remedy this and move on to adding carnivores properly with the use of coroutines, yet we are not fully up to speed with that so its still early days.

We’re also on the verge of getting some new models done by our current outsourced 3d artist, who is quite a talent. He is responsible for the new character models + animal models (Carnifex, Thylacine and male + female models) seen in our most recent updates on FB. The next will be either a vehicle, or a non organic NPC (I’ve said too much already).

So to sum up this update, we’re licking our wounds from having essentially wasted a year, but adamant on getting this up and running into a playable state ASAP. We have invested a lot of time, money and effort. It won’t be in vain, here’s hoping.

Slow and Steady

It’s been exactly one year since we made our last post and firstly we want to thank all those who have stuck by us since our initial Kickstarter and also to those who have visited us after the fundraiser. The road has been bumpy and eye opening. The programmers we hired were quite disappointing from dealing with scammers and a lot of time wasters. Despite all this, we remain positive and have taken steps to ensure that we can do most, if not all of the programming ourselves.

Below is a video of the current state of AI – it is full of bugs and still working with some low poly assets but the ball is rolling. We outsourced the basics of the AI based off our own logic trees, but may opt to remake it from scratch if we can’t stamp out some of the bugs that are currently present.

We also have some pictures up on our Facebook page, including a sneak peak into our dev blog. Have a look at them here.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a great 2015!


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