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Hey Everyone! More wacky power-ups, more weapons, and laser wielding robo emus. Another weekly update! Check out the video below. That’s all for now. Have a good one! @hermitmodegames

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Emu War! Power-Ups and Power-Downs

Hey Everyone, We’ve been working on power-ups and power-downs to make your gaming experience more exciting. Check it out in the video below.   That’s all for now. Have a good one! @hermitmodegames

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Emu War! – Emu Mode

Hey Everyone, Check out our preview of Emu mode. That’s all for now. Have a good one! @hermitmodegames


Light Update: WIP Map

Hey Everyone! Light update: Here’s a work in progress of the new area. That’s all for now! Have a good one! @hermitmodegames  


Emu War! Gore Gameplay Update

Hey Everyone, A quick update. On top of the usual, we’re further working on gore, new levels and an EMU MODE. Here’s some gameplay showing gore as it exists at the moment, WIP. Have a good one! @hermitmodegames


Emu War! Gore

Hey Everyone! A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to implement A* and generally optimise to maximise on-screen enemies. Included are a few pics of the current gore system – watching emus dismember and decapitate NPCs is pretty entertaining. When they land a “critical” hit, limbs go flying everywhere.     Have […]

emu war!

Emu War! GDC

Hey Everyone! We’ve been able to increase the number of emu’s and soldiers by tenfold as well as optimising the level. A few weeks ago there was a call out for developers to submit videos of their game to be in the running to be shown at the Australian booth in GDC. Below is the […]

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