Destruction, AI Progression and New Models

Hey Everyone! Since the last post we’ve been busy adding new gameplay to the existing game. Destruction, AI progression and new models! Had some issues with Unity navmesh agent navigation, but decreasing voxel size of the navmesh and breaking up obstacles helped. Two more trees were also developed including a boab tree which will make […]


New Map, Enemies and More

Hey Everyone! It’s been an awesome and busy week here at Hermit Mode. Not only are we working tirelessly on the game but we’ve been busy getting to know you guys and reading your feedback and excitement about Emu War. Please keep them coming! There’s been a lot of development, not just of the map […]


Emu War!

Hey Everyone! We are very excited to announce the public reveal of Emu War! Emu War! is a third person shooter that places you in the frontline battles within an intense war between man and emu. It offers a wave based dynamic shooter experience where you can choose to run head first into the action […]



Hey Everyone, Welcome to Hermit Mode’s Dev Blog! We are an independent game studio located in Western Sydney, Australia. Through this blog you’ll be able to keep up to date with development of our various projects, including Emu War!, Huntsmen and other future games. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to […]

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